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This app is a waste of money and is less then user friendly. Looks like this is going back to Amazon since is will not connect to our WIFI

Waste of Time and Money

This Amazon Echo is a total waste of money ….It does NOT work. The Alexa App will not connect with Alexa via my computer. Mac High Sierra 10.13.2. Every time i thought that I made a connection the product didn’t work and just said that it had to be connected to the internet. Well, I cannot get it to connect! This is a total wast of time and money and I would never recommend this product to anyone. I got this as a gift and I am bringing it back to them so they can get a refund.


It doesn’t work!!!

Doesn’t Work** 07/01/2017

First, you download the app with your hopes held high but then you open the actual application and connect with amazon account and that about the extent of the app. It comes up as Offline on the Alexa App which it’s not supposed to.., and there’s no options in the preferences or on the app of course. Hopefully the bugs get worked out and this can soon be reality but don’t waste your 2.99 on this.


Every time I open this app it launces safari with an amazon window. As far as I can tell the only reason it does this is to populate a session with their associate id, so if you make any amazon purchses they get credit for it. While this app does work, I effectivley paid for an app that opens a giant ad window every time I run it. And, for the record, this isn’t a requirement for the Alexa integration, as I have tried seeral other apps on the app store which integrate with alexa and do not need to open a browser window every time they are launched.

Save your money and time

Worthless. I want my money back!

Pretty Darn Good

I think it is really a pretty great translation. I use Alexa like crazy at home, with an Echo and Echo Dots throughout my home. Yes, neither music or my audiobooks work, that is a bummer - but otherwise it seems to be a fully functional Alexa device. I’m at my office right now and I think I successfully turned on and off my lights at home. The effectiveness of skills seems to vary. I attempted the Sleep Sounds skill, which pauses for user input after launching. It appears that the app only accepts a mouse click for any kind of input, which is the same as saying “Alexa” to an Echo. This interrupts the skill and the skill based input prompt is lost. Not a big deal. Overall, this is not bad for Echo enthusiasts. - Improvements desired: * Music and Audio Books * Allow skill based prompts to work Also, users of the app need to remember that they can only configure this app “Alexa” via the Alexa app on their phone. Changing your time zone cannot be done via this app.

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